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Yoga for everyone

Enjoy yoga on your way, on your schedule. I offer fun practices that allow you to nourish
body and mind as you build strength.

New challanges always!

Accra Shala´s Timetable

Different types of yoga that focus on different aspects of your body and mind: 

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga


9:00 AM / Hatha Vinyasa Yoga/ Nieves


9:00 AM / Hatha Vinyasa Yoga/ Nieves

6:15 PM / Hatha Vinyasa Yoga/ Nieves


9:00 AM / Hatha Vinyasa Yoga/ Nieves

Limited places. Please, book your spot in OPEN CLIENT app.

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Private yoga


Learn and practice Yoga.
Join Nieves private classes


Intensive training

Learn and practice Yoga.
Join Nieves special trainings. 

Ghana Yoga Project

This project objective is to empower millions of people across the world, building supportive communities, and inspiring positive action to contribute others.

Contact me

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info@accrashalayoga.com / Nieves Whatsapp: +233 277024043

**Airport Area - Octavia 154, Nii Amaah Ollenu st , Airport area, Accra