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Know Yoga, Know peace

At Schools and everywhere


We are a small volunteer group of teachers and students with experience and ambition to provide every month to schools, hospitals and communities Yoga classes, Meditation, Breath Techniques, Reiki, Zumba and Dance. Join us. If you are interested contact us.

Sharing our Passion

The passion and satisfaction of the teaching of Yoga, the impact on people life is what inspired Ghana Yoga project. This project objective is to empower millions of people across the world by supporting physical, mental and emotional health, facilitating authentic personal expression, building supportive communities, and inspiring positive action to contribute others. We are dedicated to deliver all  of what  yoga has to offer  the diverse communities in Ghana, while at the same time providing opportunities for members of the global yoga community to participate and contribute. 


We connect those who want to make a difference by sharing their skills and strengths to those who can benefit from that teaching. The exchange is usually mutual and contributes equally to all. Individuals are empowered, relationships are forged, communities are healed both emotionally and physically, and new possibilities are seen and made real.


There are a lot of benefits in practicing yoga; it helps in All-round fitness, weight loss, stress relief, inner peace, improved immunity, living with great awareness, increase energy and better flexibility and posture.

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Building Schools and Playgrounds

Not only we share yoga in the schools, that we also build schools around Ghana. We have build several schools, and our last project was a Playground. We can't be happier to spread love and see how the children is enjoying this project as much as we do. We are going to continue building spaces, schools and playgrounds for the people in Ghana.

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