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The Science of Massages and therapy - Ayurveda 


Abhyanga is a classic massage from India that means “to rub” or “to anoint” - the sense of touch is the most intense and is associated inseparably to the mind. During this massage, various types of hot oils are applied on the full body. This massage gives a general sense of wellbeing; firms and smoothens the skin; nourishes the whole body; balances nervous disorders, mental stress, fatigue and tension; strengthens the muscles; improves arthritis, gout, spine issues and sleep disorders; helps the elimination of toxins; accelerates the healing of wounds and fractures and increases longevity and body defences. 


Duration:  1h 30m              250 GHC


Synchronised Massage (4 hands)

Synchronised Massage (4 hands)


Two therapists perform this full body massage with oils and plant powders from India which are applied with synchronised movements. It offers a most comfortable and relaxing experience to the patient.


Duration:  1h 30m            300 GHC


Therapeutic Massage

Stimulating Marma points massage with medicated oils. It increases flexibility and removes any blocks in the various energy body channels.


Duration:  1h 30m              150 GHC


Full body pressure massage performed with plants and Ayurvedic powders. It reduces body odour, muscle flaccidity, cellulitis and excess fat and it eliminates undesired facial hair, nausea and toxins while maintaining a healthy skin. This massage opens the circulation channels and is recommended for obesity problems.


Duration:  1h                      200 GHC


Shirodhara is a head treatment by which lukewarm fluid oils are poured gently on the Ajna Chakra (the third eye). This calming and relaxing therapy is ideal for diseases related to the head, neck, eyes, throat, ears and nose as well as insomnia, anxiety, depression, memory, migraines, hair loss, grey hair, mental disorders, anorexia, bulimia and epilepsy. It works on the nervous system at an emotional level. Massage of the head and face included.


Duration:  1h 30m             300 GHC

Pindas Weda

Aromatic massage based on the therapeutic application of heat and natural active ingredients (herbs and essential oils). It is specially indicated for the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis and joint stiffness or inflammation and it also helps with obesity and cellulitis.

It cleanses, balances the energy, purifies, relaxes and eliminates toxins.


Duration:  1h 30m             200 GHC

Kati Basti

Treatment of the lumbar and sacral areas performed with a concentration of medicated oil. Ideal for muscle pain, sciatica, slipped disk, back ache, stiffness and menstrual pains. Therapeutic back massage included. It can also be applied on the neck, knee and heart.


Duration:  1h                       200 GHC

In India pregnant women prepare their body for giving birth using massages with oils. These oils nourish the tissue and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, flatulence, constipation, stiffness, inflammation and varicose veins during the pregnancy. They also reduce pain during labour and help dilate. These oils can also be applied on the baby through daily massages that give wonderful results.


Duration:  1h                       150 GHC

Massage for

Pregnant Women

Netra Tarpana

Netra Tarpana means “to bath the eyes with Ghee”. This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that releases tensions and treats various eye diseases. It improves vision, dry eyes, tired eyesight, eye paralysis, strabismus due to muscular paralysis and it increases eye brightness and relaxation. Constant use of computers and an excessive exposure to intense lights or television can cause tension and tiredness to the eyes. Facial massage included


Duration:  1h                       200 GHC

Karna Purana

Treatment of the ear with lukewarm oil. It improves hearing, nourishes the sensory system, stimulates the brain and helps heal infections, deafness, dizziness, ringing, wax blockages, headaches and vertigo as well as teeth and gum diseases. Facial massage included


Duration:  1h                       150 GHC


Administration of medicated oils through the nostrils. The nostrils are the door to enter the head. Any corrupted doshas above the collarbone, the head and neck can be eliminated through the nose.  Nasya helps with breathing problems, asthma, insomnia, sinusitis, rhinitis, allergies, memory, stiff neck, anxiety, toothache and headache. It also helps reduce eye bags and sunken eyes. The results from this treatment are excellent. Facial massage included.


Duration:  1h                       150 GHC

Facial Beauty

In Ayurveda, beauty is very important and beneficial. This treatment boosts facial nourishing and tissue cleansing. It maintains skin tone and elasticity in all the layers of the epidermis and it eliminates facial tensions and wrinkles.  It includes peeling, lepas, moisturizing and massage with optimum results.


Duration:  1h                       200 GHC

*All therapies are performed following traditional Ayurveda methods and using medicated oils from India and from Swami Joythimayananda . There are more Ayurveda treatments available upon request.

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