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The Master , Swami Joythimayananda , Acharya (Master of Yoga ) and Vaidya ( Ayurvedic expert ) , is considered an authority in the world in the fields of Yoga and Ayurveda . He is the founder of the " Joytinat , International College of Ayurveda Yoga " and Joytinat Ashram (community Ayurvedic), President of the Cultural Association " Joytinat " and ASS.IA , Ayurveda Italian Professional Association , vice president of the ' International ' Ayurveda Open University "in Pune ( India) . He works with Institution of "Indian medicine" Pune, India. Formed hundreds of students in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda, to grow in the path of Dharma , helping numerous individual in finding employment. The Master of Indian origin, born in Sri Lanka , he learned the principles of Ayurveda, the philosophy of Yoga and Ayurvedic techniques directly from his famigly ( healers of South India). through "Paramparawa" (pupil transmission) . He has published several books about Yoga and Ayurveda in Italian, Spanish English and French .

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