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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 
Jivamukti Yoga

Dynamic yoga is not so much a form of yoga, but rather a way of practicing yoga. This practice invites you to perform a sequence of yoga poses with a fast and active rhythm, while breathing is deep and slow.

Vinyasa in Sanskrit means "system of synchronized movements and breaths."

Therefore, yoga postures are practiced using the Ujjayi breathing or "victorious breathing", a technique that consists in regaining control of the breath and thoughts.

This involves working the breath (pranayama) simultaneously while doing the movements (asanas).

Dynamic yoga exercises serve to increase the body temperature related to sweating. Therefore, the body filters the good elements from the bad: it performs glycolysis (glucose metabolism), builds muscle, and removes toxins from the blood and muscle tissues.

By stimulating breathing and physical and mental strength, sports and dynamic yoga in particular will help you strengthen the immune system, essential to limit the risk of contracting a serious illness.

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